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Trusted for more than 25 years by healthcare businesses around the world, UpToDate® serves as a catalyst for healthcare research and business decisions in the pharmaceutical, insurance, and consulting industries.

UpToDate Anywhere Subscriber Manager

UpToDate Anywhere Subscriber Manager enables healthcare businesses to purchase flexible group subscriptions designed to meet the unique needs of the commercial industry and deliver current medical knowledge to help conduct research, validate claims adjudication, understand clinical decision guidance, and drive business decisions.

  • Research and Development – Review medical issues and treatment regimens during pharmaceutical R&D
  • Medical Affairs/Clinical Trials – Research epidemiology and treatment standards for diseases, evaluate the suitability of drugs for testing based on mechanism of action and consult evidence to inform clinical trials
  • Consultations – Research treatments for advising specialties or financial investments
  • Pharmacovigilance – Use as support for developing formularies and coverage tiers, research adverse events related to specific therapies, and learn about conditions for which certain treatments and protocols are indicated and why
  • Claims Adjudication – Confirm providers are following recommended treatment regimens and gain insight into creating treatment protocols to inform coverage decisions

Benefits of a corporate license:

  • Future growth with the ability to add seats to your subscription – fee is pro-rated so that all seats under license expire at the same time
  • Manage how and when people have access – quickly and easily transfer access among users with the Subscriber Manager dashboard
  • Customized training sessions with our Clinical Product Specialist staff
  • Gain insights into subscription utilization with usage reports
  • Access to your own account manager – providing personalized support, reference materials, primary point of contact, and tech support

Subscriber Manager Administrators

Visit the Customer Success Center to view additional materials designed to help you succeed as a Subscriber Manager Administrator at your facility.

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